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    It’s not enough that your website is beautiful or that it “works.” The real question is, “Does it help your business grow?”

    Any website can display pretty pictures and some general information. A great website will walk your visitors into the front door, shake their hand, and immediately answer the question, “How can we help you?”. 

    A successful website will improve your conversions in a way that can be identified and proven. But a website alone is not enough. Your business needs proper site planning, reliable hosting, and a solid SEO foundation. It requires building the design frame for optimal performance, and of course, the content marketing “finish and trim” – but you already know that, right?

    Your question is, “How?” 

    Our team can help.

    Jason T. Wiser

    CEO, Lead Consultant

    Jason T. Wiser started working online creating websites in early 2000 in HTML and later in Wordpress. His real passion is to be able to help clients grow and manage their businesses using the internet.

    Grigor Asatryan

    Lead Developer

    Grigor Asatryan is a WordPress enthusiast and troubleshooter. He is always ready for challenging project opportunities and also has plenty of room to help others achieve award-winning solutions.

    Janine Huldie

    Senior Project Manager

    Janine Huldie graduated with a Master's Degree in Business & Math Education. She thrives on fun and exciting challenges daily, such as her most recent challenge with her husband working at home and her kids' homeschooling.

    Kati Negley

    Office Manager

    Kati Negley is a born and raised Michigan resident. She's a multi-tasking office management whiz, who loves her family, her dogs, and the outdoors.

    Steve Sutton

    Full Stack Developer

    Steve Sutton has been creating websites since 2000. He’s constantly learning new things. When he’s not busy learning more about programming he likes to work on his mad HapKiDo skills and spending time with his family. He enjoys camping, biking, and hiking around Northern Michigan.

    Mark Lozano

    Senior Designer

    Mark is a senior visual designer and illustrator. He has very intense opinions on things that are silly.

    Albert Vardanyan

    Front End Developer

    Albert Vardanyan is a meticulous web developer, who has a passion for responsive website design. When he isn't studying the latest on coding, he's happiest spending time with his family.

    Nark Vardanyan

    Back End Developer

    Narek Vardanyan has a high level of web development experience but also maintains a willingness to continue to learn and grow as an engineer. He is a programmer by day and gamer by night.


    Not just a website builder — a business partner

    Wiser Sites doesn’t just build your website. We partner with you to help you grow your business. You’ll get an asset, not an expense. Your focus is conversions. That’s why our first step is to understand your business, your customers, and your goals. What is the “One thing” that you want your site visitors to do before they leave your website? Once that’s defined, the next step is developing your site into a resource that will promote your business and convert traffic into sales.

    Building your site is just the beginning.

    Once your site is up and running, you want to know that it’s working – that sales are happening. In order to do this, you need to be able to analyze your traffic and see the results. You need to know that you’re getting visitors, where they’re coming from, and how to convert them from visitor to customer. You’ll get access to conversion goals, progress reports, and SEO audits. Ultimately, your online HOME is always working for you. These reports will help you fine-tune your site, your marketing, your performance and conversions.

    One-stop web business building

    Again, you are not partnering with a website installer, you’re partnering with a general contractor who will help you understand all your online assets. We have powerful and secure hosting, world class custom development, analytics, search and more – all to make sure that you are getting leads and making sales.  We are here to manage your project as much or as little as you request. What makes us unique is that our main goal is to ensure that you won’t have to hunt down several vendors, wrangle teams together for meetings, sort out long email threads to understand the task at hand. We do all that for you. 

    Just contact us.

    One call and you’re done 231-432-8177. 

    About us

    Hi, my name is Jason T. Wiser and I started working online in the late 90’s, creating websites first in HTML and now exclusively using WordPress as a CMS since 2005. I’ve had many many jobs including restaurant work, taxi driver in Chicago, professional modern and ballet dancer, and associate missionary working in Ukraine. It was during my missionary years that I learned how to use the internet for marketing and fundraising for a very small, niche ministry. I studied SEO and digital marketing (social media, content, email, and direct advertising). At first, our clients were mostly churches and non-profits. Today we work with small and medium-sized business and we specialize in e-commerce and corporate level stock check solutions. To date, we’ve helped over a 100 clients grow and manage their business using the internet. Wiser Sites, LLC is headquartered in Harbor Springs, Michigan, with satellite offices in Ukraine, and Florida.

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