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    Every great building begins with a solid foundation, and building a great website is no different.   

    Our team of developers and SEO consultants will lay the foundation for your success using optimized site code, Titles and Metas, Site Maps, Analytics, and so much more.

    SEO services often bill you at industry rates that average $250/hour and it's not always easy to understand exactly what you're getting for your money.  Our Foundation SEO service is a flat fee, and you’ll be able to see exactly what you're getting for your investment using the checklist below.

    This service is the first step in getting found online.

    The goal of SEO is to ensure that your potential customers will be able to search for and find your products and services. And equally important is your ability to understand your traffic and metrics.

    Basically, you need to know if your investment is paying off.

    That's why in this foundation service, we set up your Google Analytics, goal tracking, and Webmaster Tools so you can see exactly how many people are visiting your site, how many are taking action, and how they found you.

    Is your site search friendly?  This service is also a site audit that answers that very question. Proper SEO is essential to being found in Google and ranking well. Without it, you're losing traffic. leads, and money to your competitors.

    The reason we developed this service is that setting up your site properly can be costly, time-consuming, and complicated.  You don't want to sit around worrying about title tags, rel-canonical relationships, meta descriptions, and on and on and on.  You just want to get on with posting, generating new leads, and growing your business. 

    Fortunately, there's an easy way to fix that.

    Built-in optimization you can see working

    Wiser Sites Foundation SEO service uses Google's own tools and select plugins to build search-engine friendliness right into your website.  We’ll take care of basic optimization that will lead to a measurable increase your traffic.

    All future SEO efforts will require these basic and foundational steps to be taken.

    Search-Engine Friendly Site Tags, Maps, and Settings

    Google uses things like title tags, header tags, and meta descriptions to find, rank, and display your web site. For most small business owners, knowing how to install and code these properly can be technical, complicated, and frustrating. But it doesn't have to be. 

    Your site will be configured to be user friendly, search-engine friendly, and help you get discovered by new customers.

    You work on your business, and we’ll work on building your SEO foundation.

    Don’t overpay for the basics.  

    Don't get confused by pricing.

    We will get your SEO Foundation installed and working for you. 

    Improve your visibility.

    We start with installing Yoast Wordpress SEO plugin. We understand Yoast is easy to install but it's all the settings that our customers don't want to wrestle with in order to make the plugin function optimally. 

    But this service is not simply installing a plugin and walking away. 

    Here is the SEO checklist of everything that this service does for you (View PDF):

    • Confirm that Google Analytics is installed properly. If not, we set up, verify, and connect your analytics to your website
    • We set up, verify, and connect your Webmaster tools.
    • Connect your Analytics to your Webmaster Tools
    • Title tags in the head of your posts & pages. We audit your site to make sure these are properly coded if not, we will fix this in your theme.
    • Also, we look at your header tags in your templates to make sure that you do not have too many on each page. If the code is rendering the wrong headers, we edit the templates.
    • We make sure that your social media has the proper open graph data which is important for social sharing to places like Facebook, Google +, Pinterest as well as your twitter card data and your Google Publisher information.   
    • We set up, verify, and connect your Webmaster tools.
    • We also make sure we have your site wide meta settings are properly set up
    • We submit your sitemaps to Webmaster tools.
    • We audit and fix any www. or non www. conflicts.
    • We audit your permalinks to make sure you are using the best version.
    • Audit pages, posts, categories, and tags that should be set to no-index
    • Check WordPress general settings for tagline and indexing is turned on
    • If your theme uses bread crumbs we make sure they are set up properly.
    • Audit the robots.txt file and fix any errors
    • Install Schema plugin that will allow you to customize each product properly
    • Ensure your site always resolves to one domain name http or https or www or non-www
    • Set up at least 2 conversion goals 

    Bailey Dolian

    "Jason's assistance was worth every penny. His hands-on, personal approach to the build allowed us to collaborate on what appealed to us while making the most efficient and consumer-driven choices to better our SEO and overall marketing."
    Bailey Dolian (Washington Park Homes)

    Jodi Kaplan

    …Jason’s work seems to gel well with this new marketing philosophy where SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and your target market research form 2 of the primary pillars that allow you to integrate your online marketing and off line marketing into one single well managed marketing effort.

    Frank Gainsford
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