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  • Claim your Google listing
  • Ensure that your business is properly registered as either a location or brand
  • Populate the necessary information for your “Google my Business page”
    • Name
    • Address
    • Phone
    • Website
    • Email (and verify)
    • Thumbnail Image
    • Header Image
    • Description
    • Tagline
    • Introduction
    • Categories
    • Assign Managers
    • Add photos (provided by the client)
    • Provide a “review plan of action” sheet to assist your company to get reviews properly
      • How to ask for reviews
      • How to help your customers leave reviews
      • What not to do when it comes to reviews
      • How to properly respond and monitor reviews
    • For businesses that have multiple locations, we will claim and register up to 3 locations of the same business. Sometimes this means we need to merge some G+ pages that were improperly claimed and combine them into one dashboard.
    • Confirm that map makers are in the correct place and contact Google local support team to fix them if they are not
    • Confirm that listing is appearing correctly in Google Maps and Mobile Apps
    • Manage Google My Business Page for one Year. Fix any alerts and warnings on your Google my Business listing (this service renews at $175/yr)
    • Get your primary location listed in the Local Business aggregators which will affect over 50 business directories. (this service renews annually at $250/ year)
    • Keep your business information up to date and current.
    • Connect your Business to your Google Analytics
    • Connect Business to Youtube

"Jason T. Wiser is the absolute best!! I had questions on sharing circles, not only did he solve that but Jason also walked me through connecting a "YouTube legacy account" that no one else has been able to explain. Jason is very knowledgeable and made the entire experience, pleasant! Thank you so much Jason!"
Leslie O'Neill

Jodi Kaplan

I really appreciate Jason’s professional advice and help on straightening out the Google+ Page nightmare. Awesome guy and great job!

David Miles , Mklec, Inc.
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