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    Do you have a Green Padlock SSL Certificate on your website? If not, you need one.

    • The good news is that Wiser Sites Hosting now offers free SSL as a bonus for all of our hosting customers. (An $85 per year value)
    • Simply type and you should see a green padlock in the URL bar. If you don't see the green padlock, you probably have mixed content and it needs to be fixed. 


    secure SSL green padlock

    What is an SSL certificate and why do you need it anyway?

    • SSL means encryption of all data transferred into and out of your website.
    • Encryption is security
    • Google loves security and the green padlock has a positive influence on your SEO.

    Don’t wait! Let Wiser Sites install your SSL certificate properly, give peace to your customers, and improve your SEO.

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    Jodi Kaplan

    Jason Wiser has been an invaluable help to me! He is one smart guy with a ton of great ideas, information and know-how

    Mia Voss , Luxury Travel Adventurer & Interviewer
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