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Identify and understand your company keywords. 

This service will compile the answers to 5 question groups and you will receive an easy to read executive summary of your keywords.

The five question groups are:

What keywords are your customers using to find your site now? Which keywords are performing well?

We use audit tools to see what keyword visitors have been using to reach your site. In some cases, the best performing keywords are not ones you want to be targeting and these generally result in the visitor bouncing away and adversely impacting SEO. You will also discover which keywords are performing well that you want to perform well. This gives great peace of mind and direction for future content, social, and direct marketing.

What keywords do you want people to use to find you?

Using a simple one question we get your input about your keywords.  What search phrase do you hope your potential customers are typing into Google to find you?

This is even more effective if you ask the same question of your staff members. It serves two valuable purposes.

First, does everyone on your team see your brand the same way? If not, you can use this fun exercise to get everyone on the same page. Secondly, this helps us get a bigger picture of your keywords. more data and different perspectives. Oh! and make sure that when you ask the rest of the team, do not share your answers with each other until after they are done with their list. This way you get fresh ideas

How strong are your brand key words? 

Too often we discover that companies do not rank well for their brand name. Type just your company name into Google and see what comes up (do this incognito so you get clean results).

Next, type in your company name and your industry. And lastly your name, your  industry, and your location. We will do the same and add this to your SEO audit executive summany

What are the most relevant keywords in your industry?

We use ranking tools to discover keyword strength to answer two questions. Are enough people searching for the keyword? What are your competitors using for their ranking keywords that are working? 

What are the top 15 keywords that are recommended to work now (why & how)

The final and most valuable section on the summary is this section. We summarize which 15 keywords you should invest in first. We explain why they are valuable and what you can do to improve them.

This top 15 list can include for example, brand specific keywords that absolutely need attention. The solution could require increased keyword density across all pages, it might mean you need to create better landing pages, or it might be as simple as fixing your titles and meta descriptions.

This top 15 list will also include low hanging fruit. Keywords that might appear on page 2 and need very little effort to get them to move up higher on page one. Low investment high reward actions. 

(For site with more than 500 URLs, we have different enterprise solutions. Call to get a custom quote)

 Download sample Keyword Audit

Receive a 25% discount on all future SEO Audits for the same domain. 

We recommend that everyone should perform an SEO Audit at least once every 6 months. 

Jodi Kaplan

I would recommend Jason and his team to anyone who is developing a digital media presence. As an industry insider, I can tell you that these guys “get it” and are executing it with flair!

Carmen Rojas
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