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At Wiser Sites, we believe that your site should be collecting information about your visitors from Day 1, even before you start using any of that data.  Specifically, collecting information for retargeting your site visitors can be very valuable for your present and future advertising efforts.

Retargeting gives you a 'second chance' to convert your nonpaying visitors to paying customers, by serving up relevant, targeted ads on thousands of different placements from popular online publishers and other websites.  That way you find them when they need you most.  Even if you're not planning to do this kind of advertising now or in the near future, your site should be prepared whenever the time finally comes.

With our RTB (Real-Time Bidding) and Advertising Pixels service, we set up your website to start tagging your online visitors with tracking cookies and tracking pixels for the Big Two online advertisers, Facebook and Google AdWords, all for a one-time flat fee.

Facebook Checklist:

  1. Create FB account
  2. Create FB ad account
  3. Connect FB ad account to Business Manager account
  4. Create FB RTB pixel
  5. Install FB RTB pixel on website

Google Adwords Checklist:

  1. Create Google Adwords account
  2. Create Google MCC account.
  3. Install Google RTB pixel on Website
  4. Install Google tracking codes for Adwords

Jodi Kaplan

As a marketing professional, I am truly inspired by the masterful way that Jason and the [Wiser Sites] team are weaving together multiple social media streams to cross promote the show. Strategic use of social media is not easy and can be time consuming. But Jason and his team make it look effortless and natural – that’s why it works!

Carmen Rojas
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