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The first step to fixing SEO is knowing what's broken

  • We audit your website to identify any significant issues that are adversely impacting your SEO (search engine optimization)
  • This SEO Audit looks at your website from many angles to make sure that you have all the basics set up properly and identifies areas for improvement
  • You will get a comprehensive list of tasks that, once you fix them, will truly optimize your search engine results.

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What can I expect to see in my report?

Search Appearance -

We analyze your current search results. This is how Google actually sees your website and what is displayed in search. Titles, meta descriptions, product descriptions, duplicate titles, duplicate content, and more. 

Site links -

We make sure your sitemap is properly submitted and indexed. We look for 404 broken links, excessive 301 redirects, and links that should not be indexed

Structured Data -

We check your Schema markup. This is extremely important data, especially for e-commerce and business owners. This markup provides valuable information to Google about the details of your business (ratings, category, type of business, and more) For more information, visit 

HTML errors -

How many H1 tags do you have per page? Are your header tags in proper hierarchy? 

SSL errors -

Is your site being indexed as both http:// and https://? Does your site have the green padlock? Are your permalinks working correctly?

Search Traffic -

Let's confirm that you're getting traffic and look for errors on the most important pages. You'd be surprised how often we find your main pages are not getting displayed in search

Links To Your Site -

Do you have a good ratio of inbound and outbound links? Links to your site help improve your Google Search ranking. We'll analyze the strength of your link profile and give you action items to make it stronger.

Internal Links -

A well-designed website is easy to navigate, and Google rewards websites with strong navigational links between pages. We'll analyze the strength of your internal link profile, helping identify areas for improvement.

Mobile Usability -

Is your site properly formatted for mobile users? We’ll give you suggestions that'll improve the mobile experience and ultimately lead to higher conversions and goal completions across all devices

Blocked Resources -

Is your site blocking Google from indexing your website with a poorly coded robots.txt file? Have you noindexed all outdated, private, and unnecessary URL’s there by hiding them from Google’s spiders?

Crawl -

Google ‘crawls’ websites to index all the pages and resources on your site and serves them up as search results. If Google can’t crawl your site properly, Google can’t know if you’re article is answering the questions that your customers are looking for in search. We will let you know about any crawl errors from Google

URL Parameters -

Does your site handle a lot of very specific searches, e.g. a large retail clothing site offering varieties of clothing based on category, color, size, etc...? If so, is your site defining these parameters? If not, Google’s crawler may not index them correctly.

Security -

Has your website experienced recent, or ongoing, security issues or malware? If so, Google’s crawlers may penalize your site, or specific pages, until the issues are fixed.

Speed -

We will identify any major issues that are causing slow load times which has a direct impact on user experience and SEO


Improve your SEO and website visibility with our Webmaster SEO Audit

  • After you fix the errors that are discovered in this SEO Audit, you will at best start to see immediate organic search improvement, and at least, you will have a solid foundation upon which you can build all future SEO efforts
  • It is imperative that you perform an SEO audit before spending a dime on SEO services.
  • Know exactly what's driving performance, and how to fix any errors in your SEO.
  • Google always changes their algorithm, so you should be vigilant and perform an SEO audit every six months

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Jodi Kaplan

Jason’s view of things within the online world does not conform to the majority, and puts many things into a different perspective that is easy to understand and put to use in promoting your online content to your target audience in more effective and simpler ways.

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