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We create short videos then transcribe those videos into blog posts. We add those videos to Youtube and your blog and they are perfect for sharing to social media.

The goal of this strategy is to use video marketing to improve visibility of your content in search and SEO.

We use video marketing for several reasons.

One of the main reasons we use video marketing is often times our customer don’t have the in house resources for content creation and writing articles about their services and blog posts, so we create the content for you. But instead of trying to become the expert in your field and spending hours to research articles, we interview you, the expert, on video or phone and then we use your expertise to write the articles.

We ask you specific questions based on keywords and topics that your customers are searching.

We use these short 1-2 minute interviews to create the audio / video content videos that we will first upload to your YouTube channel to improve your visibility in YouTube search. But uploading the video is not enough. We also optimize the titles & descriptions, we embed a link into the videos and into the description to drive traffic to back to your website.

Once on the website there will be a landing page often times it’s a blog post, where we will embed the video into the blog roll and use the transcribed content from the short video to create a blog post. We don’t just transcribe, we actually write an article based on transcription so it reads well. This way the person on the website can read the content, watch the content to interact with it in the comments.

The goal is specifically design to target SEO & keywords & to rank for keywords. Asking questions that your customers are asking you and answer those questions.

This product is less about branding and presentation and all about improving SEO.

Initially these videos are nothing more than asking you to take your iphone, facebook live, hangout on air, or Skype and press record.

This doesn’t need to be expensive high quality overproduced video.

Our goal is “search”. We position you to be found in Youtube and Google and everywhere you re-purpose this content.

Later down the line after you’ve done a few of these and decided that video marketing is working, you might want to increase the production budget and add custom intros, branded intro’s and outro’s.

Many marketers will tell you that video marketing is the best way to get your message out there and will sell you many products about how to do this, but too often reality hits and you realize that your company just doesn't have the bandwidth, resources and budget to manage full scale video marketing.

1 video / 1 keyword  - $595

3 video Beginners Package - $1550

5 video Professional Package - $2495

10 video Agency Package - $4450


This service includes:

  • Interview the client about 1 keyword (they are the expert in their field). The interview is recorded over Skype 
  • Write Blog article and publish on their website
  • Use one of the Images that the client provides as the featured images for the post
  • Create a short 1-2 minute video using slides and voice over*
  • We will upload video to your YouTube channel
  • Write SEO friendly titles,description and include "call to action" link to your site
  • We will upload video to your Facebook page
  • Embed the video from YouTube onto your blog post
  • For the Agency package, you can use these 10 videos for one company website, or use them on different websites.
  • [BONUS] If you use Social Warfare Plugin for WordPress, we will write 1 Click to Tweet, we will create the image needed for Facebook and Pinterest. We will write custom social media specific description. Share to your social channels
  • [BONUS] If you use Simple Schema Plugin, we will also write and install the proper Schema markup

* The video will be a slide show with images that the client provides. The voice over will be with our voice over talent or voice over that the client provides. We will do one round of revisions on the video. It must be understood that the goal of this video is not branding, but rather SEO. 

"His level of expertise, integrity, and creativity are beyond the norm, and were greatly appreciated by me. More recently he helped to produce a very detailed and lengthy video clip to include in our website; it turned out incredible!”
Elizabeth Croonquist (Slavic Outreach International)
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