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    Our web development team is here to help you from development to deployment.  We understand that your website is your 'HOME' online.

    Your users expect quality design, performance, and usability, across all devices, web browsers, and internet connections; from smartphones to PC's.  

    We've built advanced custom themes and plugins, wrangled difficult API connections, cron jobs for automation, and custom scripts. We specialize in custom solutions for all things WordPress.  It's not just another blogging platform, WordPress is a powerful CMS  and the perfect solutions for your small business. 

    Whether you've already started your project, gotten assistance from other developers, or you're starting from scratch, we have experience, knowledge, and tools that we want to bring to your project.

    Together, let's begin with a short conversation where we meet and listen to your needs. If, after that meeting, you decide that we're the kind of company that you're looking for, we'll take the next level and suggest two options. You decide which one fits your budget. We'll offer a flat rate that is all encompassing with no surprises, or you might prefer a budget based on estimated hours. The minimum retainer for custom development is $2500 but if you just need a quick fix, then look at our Project Management service. Basically you decide how many hours you're willing to buy  and get started. 

    If this is what you're looking for, add "web development" to your cart and contact Wiser Sites now and let's see it we can partner with you and build your custom solution. 

    Jodi Kaplan

    When hiring a web developer… I want to work with someone who will collaborate with me, and not simply take orders… That’s why I like working with Jason and have hired him more than once. He gets into the process with the designer(s), he provides insight as to why an idea can be improved upon, and the guy just ‘gets it.

    Dan Crask , Brand Shepherd
    $1900/Variable Add to Quote