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    If you’re looking to take your web hosting to a whole new level, Wiser Sites is the way to go! Unlike other hosting services that make big promises but don’t deliver, when Wiser Sites say they “offer Dedicated Hosting Speed & Security at shared hosting prices” they actually mean it. After recently moving my 2 websites over to their secured SSL hosting, I’ve seen much faster loading speeds both in the back-end and front-end of my website. Plus, Jason and his team are absolutely fantastic to work with! I highly recommend their services.

    Daniel Futerman,

    As a small business, we needed a one-stop-shop that could not only capture the vision for our small service business but could understand what we do and how we do it, all within a budget. Together with Jason and his team over the past two years, we have successfully accomplished so much more than we ever could have on our own.

    Warren Rickford, Pipe Spies, Inc.

    I was hosting my new cooking site with someone else. Then it got hacked—over the holidays! The old host wouldn’t help me. They didn’t even seem to care. I switched to Wiser Sites. Jason fixed everything. He even stayed up until 2 AM working on the problem! Now, I don’t have to worry, because I know Jason is on my side.

    Jodi Kaplan, Single Serving Chef

    When hiring a web developer… I want to work with someone who will collaborate with me, and not simply take orders… That’s why I like working with Jason and have hired him more than once. He gets into the process with the designer(s), he provides insight as to why an idea can be improved upon, and the guy just ‘gets it.

    Dan Crask, Brand Shepherd

    Jason’s expertise & creativity in website design has helped put us on the map and is increasingly positioning Blinds Beautiful & Showcase Shutters as the premium”go-to” professionals for high end window treatments in our market. Jason is successfully helping our clients find and enlist our services on the web. He is a true professional and his custom website designs have truly captured and communicated our philosophy; “Window Perfection at a Pleasing Price”. I strongly recommend him to you!

    Doug Greenway, Blinds Beautiful and Showcase Shutters

    Jason’s assistance was worth every penny. His hands-on, personal approach to the build allowed us to collaborate on what appealed to us while making the most efficient and consumer-driven choices to better our SEO and overall marketing.

    Bailey Dolian, Washington Park Homes

    I’ve hosted my websites with Wiser Sites for about 3 years now. Jason’s personalized service is very much appreciated. I’ve contacted other web hosting companies for tech support. Often it was through live chat or calling their toll free number which requires me to jump through some prompts and waiting on hold before being connected with a live person. Not exactly the most pleasant experience. Usually within 12 hours (24 hours for more complex issues), Jason is able to fix the issue. He doesn’t hesitate to call if he needs more information in order to resolve an issue.

    John Chvatal

    …Jason’s work seems to gel well with this new marketing philosophy where SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and your target market research form 2 of the primary pillars that allow you to integrate your online marketing and off line marketing into one single well managed marketing effort.

    Frank Gainsford

    Jason offered the right – actionable – advice for my exact needs. The information provided helped me regroup and refocus so that I could make my next step on purpose for a purpose. If you have a question – Jason T. Wiser will do all he knows to help you unlock your answers.

    Kathryn C. Lang

    I really appreciate Jason’s professional advice and help on straightening out the Google+ Page nightmare. Awesome guy and great job!

    David Miles, Mklec, Inc.

    I would recommend Jason and his team to anyone who is developing a digital media presence. As an industry insider, I can tell you that these guys “get it” and are executing it with flair!

    Carmen Rojas

    His level of expertise, integrity, and creativity are beyond the norm, and were greatly appreciated by me. More recently he helped to produce a very detailed and lengthy video clip to include in our website; it turned out incredible!

    Elizabeth Croonquist, Slavic Outreach International

    I am happy to endorse [Wiser Sites]. Their work is of high quality and integrity. They have been very helpful in assisting me as I learn more about managing our website. Jason has provided prompt response to my questions and been patient as I ask them.

    Janice Marcum

    My website is very image heavy, as it is a branding agency. We had very slow page load times so I hired Wiser Sites to help speed up our website because we knew Google uses page load speed as part of its ranking. Not to mention slow load time encourages people to leave the website. Wiser Sites exceeded my expectations for the fruit of their labor. My agency’s website is now faster than I thought was possible, and I am told it will only get faster as WS’s work is given time. I couldn’t be happier with this.

    Daniel Crask, Brand Shepherd

    Jason’s view of things within the online world does not conform to the majority, and puts many things into a different perspective that is easy to understand and put to use in promoting your online content to your target audience in more effective and simpler ways.

    Frank Gainsford

    Wiser Sites is great! I found them while doing a google search because I was having trouble with making my site ecommerce ready… He is very knowledgeable and very personable and I would highly recommend him and his team for your website and ecommerce needs.

    Candace Feldman, Ricks Coffee

    Jason has developed a highly manageable website for my company. He listened to my needs and suggested important additions that have enhanced my brand. I continue to work with Jason at Wiser Sites, LLC to further develop my brand. He knows the ropes and is very personable.

    Jan Miesse, Jan R. Miesse Enterprises

    Jason Wiser… is THE BEST! He took my paltry efforts to build a non-profit website and turned it into a dynamic work of art. I’ve been in the Internet Industry for many years and this is the most innovative design I’ve seen.

    Mary Bronzich, A Joseph Project

    Jason Wiser has been an invaluable help to me! He is one smart guy with a ton of great ideas, information and know-how

    Mia Voss, Luxury Travel Adventurer & Interviewer

    As a marketing professional, I am truly inspired by the masterful way that Jason and the [Wiser Sites] team are weaving together multiple social media streams to cross promote the show. Strategic use of social media is not easy and can be time consuming. But Jason and his team make it look effortless and natural – that’s why it works!

    Carmen Rojas

    My real estate team hired Jason’s company to design and build a new website for us, one that portrayed the high level of service we provide as opposed to the 1990’s template website we had been employing for years. With the utmost certainty, I can say that Jason’s assistance was worth every penny.

    Bailey Dolian, Washington Park Homes

    He is passionate about helping business owners grow. I’m learning so much and his choices of experts to co-host are highly knowledgeable in their expertise. The tips provided are helping me to grow my business. Thanks Jason for your wisdom!

    Antionette Hayes, CEO at Auxano Consulting, LLC