WordPress Monitoring

So, your website’s up and running.  Great!  Now it’s crucial to perform routine monitoring and maintenance to keep your site secure and up-to-date.

Many website owners do this themselves by simply pressing “update” when they see the red alert in their dashboard. But too often, that simple “update” will break your site and mess everything up.  So unless you’re a developer, unless you have backups, and unless you know how to access your site files – you’re stuck. 

We help several customers a month get unstuck, and fix their broken website.  

That’s why Wiser Sites offers WordPress Monitoring Insurance. 

Prevent problems before they happen

The old saying is true. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. 

Wiser Sites’ WordPress monitoring will protect you.

You will save time, money, and a lot of frustration.

This service is a flat fee of $225 for a full year of maintenance coverage.

Don’t wait until something breaks and scramble to find a developer to get you back up and running. When you figure that WordPress development rates are around $190 per hour, it only takes one bad “update” to see this service pay for itself.

Here is a list of everything that’s included:

Update Installation, Themes, and Plugins

We constantly monitor your WordPress installation, themes, and plugins, managing all updates so you don’t have to while ensuring stability and compatibility. We take the worry out of your hands so you can get back to doing the important work.

We’ll manage all the updates—so you don’t have to. 

Our Update Insurance guarantees that if an update breaks your site, our developers will revert your site to its last stable version, or if necessary, we will develop a solution and fix it for free.*

Optimization and Backups

Losing data can be scary.  You don’t want to wake up and find out your website is gone or compromised. 

For your added peace of mind, we perform Daily, Weekly, and Monthly backups of your WordPress database and files, keeping it safe and secure while preventing any loss of data.  All backups are kept on external hard drives, so if your hosting provider crashes or some other crisis takes your site down, we can quickly get you back online.**

Traffic Monitoring

Traffic monitoring protects you from sudden jumps in traffic or coordinated attacks.  If something looks fishy, we’ll lock it down and stop it.  If it’s legitimate traffic from your new ad campaign, we’ll make sure your site can handle it.

Host with us and heightened security protects from malicious brute force attacks and attacks from malicious IPs.

Even if you’re not hosted on WiserSites hosting, we’ll walk you through any problems and help you contact your hosting service to fix them.  Or, we can fix it for you (billed separately).

Uptime Monitoring

We ping your site periodically throughout the day and if your site goes down, we will get an alert so we can quickly investigate the nature of the outage. We will alert you when these outages happen and what you can do to decrease the frequency of outages. Often times this is the result of being hosted on an economy shared hosting provider. 

Wiser Sites virtual dedicated hosting has a 99.7% annual uptime average which is very impressive when compared to shared hosting that can average as low as 91%. 

Database Optimization
As your database grows it can slow down your website performance.
We make sure to keep your database clean from excess bloat and unnecessary data. 
Bloated databases are one of the biggest contributors to slow loading websites. 
Spam Monitoring and Removal

Google notices spam, and so do your visitors.  Leaving unwanted comments in place can harm your site, your reputation, and your rankings.  

We monitor your site carefully and remove spam comments before your visitors can see them.  Your site will be spam-free so you don’t have to worry.

Spam isn’t just annoying, it can also harm your site, your reputation, your SEO, and page load from database bloat.  

Don’t let Update Glitches, Spammers, Malicious Traffic, and Lost Data damage your website and reputation or keep you awake at night.  

Sign up for our WordPress Monitoring service for guaranteed Security, Stability, and Peace of Mind.

*Our “fix for free” policy applies to themes and plugins that are listed in the WordPress repository. Certain conditions apply to premium plugins and themes, custom plugins and custom child themes. Basically, if it is not in the WordPress repository, it is considered premium and in some cases, it can incur additional fees in order to fix.

For Premium and Subscription based Themes and Plugins, you are responsible for purchasing any update files directly from the developers of the theme or plugin and send us a copy.  We will alert you when we see that the plugin needs an update so you can contact the provider and purchase any necessary upgrades. Premium Template sites will send you an email alert or copy of Theme updates, which we will install for you when you send us the attached zip files.

We are not responsible to automatically fix code for premium themes and plugins. The premium developers are responsible for keeping their plugins and themes up to date. We will use a reasonable amount of time (up to 30 minutes) to investigate any issues that might arise if a premium theme or plugin is updated and causes something on your site to break. We will then alert you as to what you should do to get the plugin fixed. That might include rolling back to the last working version (caution because this is a security threat), it might require you to open communications with the developer on their support forum and provide us with the necessary fix which we will install free if it is reasonable, or it could require us to write a custom fix that will be invoiced at a mutually agreed flat rate, or using our standard development rates.

We will never make custom edits and invoice you without prior written consent. You will never be surprised with hidden fees from Wiser Sites.

** – There is a $50 fee to reinstall the backup of your site if the need for the backup is a result of something the customer did. For example, if you update your plugins and break something. If you are using this service, do not mess with updates, let us do that. If you are hosted on WiserSites Hosting, we save the last 7 daily backups, the last 3 weeks, and the last 4 months

  • Always best practice to keep all plugins updated and current (security issues)
  • When WooCommerce (popular E-commerce plugin) rolled out their last major update, lots of sites broke and we had, well… job security.
  • Here is what I suggest.
    • Wiser Sites has a backup of your website that is current.
    • We upgrade the website and watch to see if anything broke.
    • If nothing breaks, no worries. All of this is covered by your WordPress insurance package.
    • If things break, then we have two choices.
      • Roll back to the last backup before the update (included in the insurance package)
      • Or fix the issues that broke (not included in the insurance package and these will be billed hourly)