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What are your website goals?  This is the most important question your business should be asking.  Are you trying to attract more customers and foot traffic?  Do you want your online visitors using call-to-click, visiting your contact page, signing up for emails or newsletters, watching your videos, read your blog posts, buying your products and services?  How are your visitors actually using your website, and how can you make it even easier for them to navigate?

Let Wiser Sites help you answer these questions.  Our Marketing Professionals will dive deep into your Analytics (we’ll even set it up for you if you haven’t done it already) and tell you how your site is performing weekly, monthly, or otherwise (according to your needs), and how it can be improved.  We help you develop target goals, and deliver Performance Reports tailored to your specific needs.

Setting goals is the only way to measure success, and we help you achieve them.

First, It assumes that you already have our Foundational SEO package installed on your site. If your site doesn’t already have it, you will need to do that first. This package is the 2nd tier of the SEO strategy and therefore your webmaster tools must be working & your Google analytics must be installed properly.

The step is to sit down with the customer to discuss and identify what are the main goals of your site are. We need to know which goals to track on your site. Together we make a list of about 3 & 6 specific items that you want to track. It can be things like a “buy now” button, a shopping page, a checkout page, or calling a phone number. Once we know what you need to track, we will install the tracking codes on those pages and events.

The investment is $575/month for a minimum of 3 months.

During this time, we are actively watching how their traffic is moving through your site.

So we look to see if people pushing the buttons and landing on the conversion pages like we hope. Also, we can see where visitors are falling off and leaving the site. Once we know this, we can look at the fall off pages and see what we can do to improve the overall conversion goals.

We have to ask the question “Why? Why are people not finding the thing that we want them to do?” “Why are they not signing up? Why are they not converting?” “What is it that they are not doing?” This is a whole process of gathering data and understanding the way that traffic is flowing through your site.

The goal of this phase is to know that we are properly tracking the traffic of the visitors and we are collecting the necessary data to make more advanced SEO decisions or to move onto tier 3 SEO.

Bullet list:

  • $575/month for a minimum of 3 months. Must already have purchased the Foundational SEO package
  • Buying this you’ll get:
    • Sit down consultation monthly with our team to discuss your goals. At the beginning of your month we’ll say “what are your goals, let's track them?” near the middle of the month we’ll say “here are the findings, let's make some changes”
    • Monthly reports that will summarize the data collected and make suggestions about how you can improve your goal completions. We will also report any glaring holes that we find in why people are not converting.
    • The real goal is to try to get your conversion numbers up.
    • If we can convert something from say 2% and get it up to 5 or 6%, that is great. If you get it up to 10% that’s phenomenal, 15% is unheard of (well, almost)

The steps necessary to make a successful analytics effort are:

  • Set up Google analytics 
  • Google search Counsel(Webmaster tools)
  • Connect Adwords (if the client has them)
  • Consulting session to discuss goals that need to be tracked
  • Install tracking on the site including editing necessary code for event tracking
  • Set up custom dashboards in Google analytics so the client can easily and at a glance see if they are meeting their goals
  • Have an update report on the progress of the goals efforts at 2 weeks, and one month with the customer to discuss ways to improve the goal conversions. 
  • After the update report sessions, the customer's developer will need to implement necessary design edits to the site (we can assist with this as a separate service)
  • We will reinstall new goal tracking based on the results of the new design
  • This is a 6-week process

We need to find ways to increase your conversion goals overall. Then see which conversion goals are doing the best. Then find ways to drive traffic to those specific pages.

Jodi Kaplan

As a small business, we needed a one-stop-shop that could not only capture the vision for our small service business but could understand what we do and how we do it, all within a budget. Together with Jason and his team over the past two years, we have successfully accomplished so much more than we ever could have on our own.

Warren Rickford , Pipe Spies, Inc.
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