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    Eliminate slow load times and get more conversions with the Wiser Sites Speed and Performance Package

    • A faster site can lead to fewer bounces, more time on your site, and a better conversion rate
    • Did you know...?
      • 57% of visitors leave a page that takes more than three seconds to load
      • More than 75% of consumers left a site rather than wait for it to load
      • A delay of one second results in 11% fewer page views, reduces customer satisfaction by 16%, and cuts conversions by 7%
      • When Mozilla cut load time by 2.2 seconds, Firefox downloads increased by 15.4%

    We review your site and tell you exactly what's slowing it down. Then we speed it up for you.

    • If we can't speed up your site, we'll tell you why and what the steps are needed to fix it
    • We'll make your website load in four seconds or less. Guaranteed.1

    Choose from our list of service packages to speed up your site and start seeing more conversions today!

    Basic: $675

    • Site review & pre-qualification
    • Before/After speed tests with screen shots
    • Optimize all databases for peak performance
    • HTML, image & database caching installation, configuration, and optimization using cache plugins (W3, Autoptimize, Super Cache, etc.)
    • HTML, CSS, & JS minification configuration (where possible)
    • Install and configure lossy & lossless compression of JPG and PNG images2 and provide you with "image best practice training".
    • Audit theme and plugins for performance issues and misconfiguration. Make corrections where possible, update plugins, or fix plugins where possible3
    • Configure Google CDN Libraries for shared WordPress libraries
    • Move DNS lookup & resolution to Cloudflare’s worldwide high-performance DNS CDN.
    • Show you how to access and maintain your Cloudflare account

    Premium: $1050

    • Everything in "Basic" plan plus:
    • Create an Amazon AWS account and connect it to your website
    • Move images and any large file content to CloudFront
    • Install WP Offload S3 and connect it to your S3 Account4
    • Parallelize downloads and makes use of the CDN
    • Basic training to use your Amazon AWS account.
    • Connect Amazon to backup service (optional)
    • One month maintenance-free protection

    1 - Your Page Speed will be less than 3-seconds on main content pages. We cannot guarantee 3 secs on pages that have embedded objects using iFrames, custom software that cannot be cached, large content files like audio, video, and documents.
    2 - up to 25 images on homepage or high traffic pages
    3 - Plugin review and repair applies to only plugins that are in the WordPress repository and are approved by Wiser Sites to be performance friendly plugins.If you have plugins that are non-standard or premium 3rd party plugins, this service does not cover any edits or customization to them. We will provide you with a plan of action and a proposal if customization is required.
    4 - Customer is responsible to purchase the WP offload license that best fits their needs

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    Jodi Kaplan

    My website is very image heavy, as it is a branding agency. We had very slow page load times so I hired Wiser Sites to help speed up our website because we knew Google uses page load speed as part of its ranking. Not to mention slow load time encourages people to leave the website. Wiser Sites exceeded my expectations for the fruit of their labor. My agency’s website is now faster than I thought was possible, and I am told it will only get faster as WS’s work is given time. I couldn’t be happier with this.

    Daniel Crask , Brand Shepherd
    $675/Flat Rate Add to cart